Why You Need Concrete in Your Home

Cement and concrete are often used interchangeably to describe the smooth grey, composite material we all know. When in fact, cement is an ingredient of concrete.

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History Lesson

Derived from the Latin word “concretus”, meaning compact or condensed, concrete is actually made up of aggregates (sand, gravel or stone), and paste (water and cement). So, cement, made from calcium and silica-rich materials such as limestone and clay, is concrete without the grit.

At Home Again Studios, we use cement.

All over your home

Until recently, concrete was only associated with garages, basements and city sidewalks. It wasn’t something used to craft home décor items. Nowadays, it’s used to create countertops, shelving units, flowerpots, napkin holders and—our favorite—candle holders.

Concrete napkin holder

Because of its neutral color, concrete décor can be added to any room as an accent item, no matter what your design preferences are. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or farmhouse style, concrete items are modern, clean and versatile.

The best part? No two pieces are the same. Naturally occurring color variations, flecks and small air bubbles are all part of the beauty of concrete. Every piece is unique with its own personality. And every air pocket and element of texture will give it a depth that you don’t always get with other homeware pieces.

Concrete items are durable, don’t break easily, and protect against water and stains. Making them perfect for just about anything.

Just your style

No matter your décor, you won’t be disappointed when you add a new concrete item to your home. And at Home Again Studios, we have a number of hand-poured pieces for you to choose from. Start shopping, now!