We'd rather be Home Again

The Edelman'sWe want you to fall in love with your home. We mix our passion for crafting new things and the love we have for our home to create décor products that match every household.

After the birth of our second child, Harvey, we were blessed enough to take time off as a family and connect (aka nap) every day. This time helped us grow, and it gave us the chance to find joy in making things for our home again. We had no plan, we just wanted to have fun and create. It wasn’t long before the requests started coming in though—and Home Again Studios was born.

Our mission is to help you pause and enjoy your home. Whether you have one room, ten rooms or fifty rooms, we want you to fall in love with the space around you. So, light a candle, grab your favorite drink and appreciate that you have made your way back Home Again.

With love from our home to yours;
Julie & Joe

"We make it in our home so that you can enjoy it in yours."