What is a Match Striker and Why You Need One

Candle and Match StrikerNot only do our candles smell amazing (if we do say so ourselves), they’re handpoured into modern glass jars and concrete containers that will elevate your space.

Whether you keep your candle on the mantel, in the bathroom or on your bedside table, our candles look good in every room. Now, it’s time to ensure the way you’re lighting your candles is stylish, too.

Introducing Match Strikers.

Match Strikers hold your matches, while also giving you the ability to strike the match and light your candle seamlessly. Instead of using matchbooks, matchboxes or lighters, Match Strikers are a modern (and beautiful!) alternative.

Skull Match StrikerIn addition to elevating your space, there are other reasons we love Match Strikers. For one, there’s nothing romantic about the click of a lighter. It’s the perfect time to add a little love to your life with the invigorating strike of a match. It’s also a great time to show some love to our planet. Disposable lighters are designed to be thrown away once they run out of gas. Since there’s nothing that will break them down, they exist forever in landfills around the world. To take a more sustainable approach to your candle care, we recommend using matches, as they’re made from wood and fully biodegradable. At Home Again Studios, our matches come from responsibly managed forests.

Crafted with hand-poured concrete, our Match Strikers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each striker includes a match striker strip and matches. We use Strike On Box matches. These are safer than their Strike Anywhere counterparts, which can easily catch fire. Most mail couriers refuse to ship them and more and more we’re seeing these matches discontinued.