Turning Our Seed Paper into Beautiful Wildflowers

Seed Paper Logo on Concrete DecorFun fact: all our handcrafted concrete pots come with our logo printed on seed paper! Seed paper is biodegradable eco-paper made with post-consumer waste and embedded with seeds. When you plant the paper (or in this case, our logo) in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away.

All that’s left behind is a pot of beautiful wildflowers.

The plantable seed paper we use includes seeds from Catchfly, Sweet Alyssum, Snapdragon, Bird’s Eye, Black Eyed Susan, and Clarkia.

How to plant

Before you start, be sure to burn and enjoy the soy candle inside your concrete planter.

You’ll need:

  • Our Concrete Planter (available in small, medium and large) Our Seed Paper Logo
  • Potting Soil
  • Water
  • Sun

Step One: Prepare Your Pot
Firmly fill your concrete planter 2/3 full with good potting soil (be sure not to pack it down too tight or the water won’t get to the seeds).

Step Two: Plant Our Logo
Put your Home Again Studios logo seed paper into the pot and spread a 1/8-inch of soil over top. Tap down gently.

Step Three: Water During Germination
After planting your seed paper, give it a soak (Julie's Tip: You can dip the seed paper into water before planting!). You want the paper and the soil to be nice and damp, but not swimming in water. During the first 10 days, keep the paper moist at all times.

Step Four: Care After Germination
Once sprouts appear, continue to keep the paper moist. Be careful not to over water though! Once sturdy plants appear, water as needed. Keep your pot outdoors or by a window so your wildflowers get enough sun.

Step Five: Enjoy!
You can sit back and enjoy your beautiful wildflowers knowing that no waste was created, and no trees were harmed in the making of our plantable logo.