Travel Candles

Travel Tin in BathroomBring your home with you! Our travel-sized fragrance candles are the perfect way to feel at home, anywhere.

Whether you’re away for work, enjoying a weekend Airbnb with your family, or jet-setting around the world, there are times when travelling can be downright stressful. No matter where you are though, you can make it feel like home again by adding your favorite scent to the space. A candle can instantly transport you to a memory or space, and many natural essential oils and fragrances have the ability to calm and uplift. If you get anxious in new spaces, have trouble sleeping in a different bed, or suffer from homesickness, candles are a must have on your next trip.

Our travel candles come in lightweight, unbreakable tins that can be transported anywhere. And you can use the tin lid to easily extinguish the flame before you pack up and leave.

They’re even small enough (and approved!) for carry-on luggage. While gel has specific rules on airplanes, pure plant-based soy is allowed. You’ll want to follow TSA guidelines and policies on matches and lighters though.

Can’t decide on what scent to bring with you? Bring more than one with our three-candle fragrance sample set. If you’re camping or spending time travelling in an RV, we recommend taking citronella on the go with you, too.

The next time you’re writing a packing list, make sure Home Again Studios candles are at the top.