The Perfect Spring Décor for Your Home

Candle with Flowers

It's official—Winter is over. It's time to shake off the snow and thaw out with Spring.

As we transition from the colder winter to the warmer spring season, many of us start to think about refreshing our home decor to reflect the change in seasons. One easy way to add a cozy and inviting touch to any room is through the use of candles and concrete home decor.

Candles have been used for centuries to add warmth and ambiance to homes, and for good reason. Not only do they provide a soft and comforting light, but they also come in a wide variety of scents that can help create a specific mood or atmosphere.

We're rounding up our favorite scents and decor items below to help you put the cold, dark months behind you.


Lemon Lavender

This fragrance blends a fresh citrus tang with a sweet lavender aroma. While our all-natural lavender oil promotes calmness, lemon enhances your mood and encourages total relaxation.

Floral but not overpowering, you'll want a refreshing Lemon Lavender candle in every room of your house.

Green Tea & Cucumber

Set the mood with this fresh, lively green tea and cucumber-scented candle. The soothing blend of garden-fresh cucumbers steeping in natural green tea will relax your mind, body, and soul.

A luxurious fragrance for any occasion, this calming candle is an essential addition to your home.

Rose Petals

Roses symbolize love and affection; our Rose Petals scented candles will remind you of that love long after the flowers fade.

Our Rose Petals scent blends the sweet apple scent of a Briar rose with the delicate aroma of wildflowers for a beautiful reminder of a bouquet of roses.

Peaches & Cream

The sweet smell of ripe peaches and smooth vanilla cream will fill the whole house with this limited-edition fragrance.

Our Peaches & Cream candle will remind you of the sweet, fruity aroma of a Summer farmer's market.

Morning Mimosa

Not just for special occasions anymore. Our Morning Mimosa candle blends delicate orange blossom with the fresh scent of bubbly champagne; this fragrance is bright and bold. You'll want one in every room to lift your mood and reduce stress. 

Sold in a stemless wine glass jar, Morning Mimosa is part of our Cocktail Collection.



Twisted Concrete Candle with Seed Paper

Twisted Concrete Candle
Add some art deco to your décor with this stylish concrete candle pot. Handcrafted in a spiral, twisting design, the concrete pot makes a great planter indoors and outdoors when you have burned through the candle.

Bonus: get ready to Glow & Grow. Burn your favorite candle down, plant the seed paper, and grow wildflowers! Cover the seed paper logo that comes with every purchase in soil, place it in a sunny spot, and water it often. Soon you'll have wildflowers blooming in your concrete pot.

Cube Match Striker
Keep your matches organized with our Concrete Cube Match Striker. Crafted with hand-poured concrete shaped like a cube, this modern match holder can be used inside and outside. Finished with a water-repellant seal and felt feet, it includes 75 responsibly managed strike-on-box matches to get you started.

Start the season off right with fresh items for your home, and enjoy them for months to come.