Inside the Home Again Studios studio

  • Now that we're live... is officially launched and orders are being fulfilled.  But what's next?  What can you expect from your new favorite home decor brand moving forward?
  • Why soy candles?

    We craft all our candles with 100% pure, plant-based soy. Soy isn’t the only wax used to make candles, but it’s definitely our fave—and we’re going...
  • Candle Care Tips & Safety

    We all love to burn a great smelling candle.  Click here to read a few tips so that you can get the most from every candle and be set for the ultimate burning success.
  • You found us!

    Welcome to Home Again Studios!  We're really excited that you've found us and hopefully you'll find something you like.  Keep reading to learn some more about what you'll find here and what else is to come in the future.