Meet the People

We're Joe and Julie, a husband and wife duo who mix our passion for crafting new things and our love of home to create décor items for every household. It all started after the birth of our second child and a few candle making nights. Now, after nine years together our newest adventure is starting to take off!

We first met in 2010. A year later, we had moved in together, got a dog and decided to get married! After tying the knot in 2012, we welcomed our firstborn in 2014. During this time, Julie transitioned from a career as a Music Tour Manager to a Project Manager in the corporate world and Joe worked in Digital Advertising as a Technologist.

With two kids now and a home we love, we spend our spare time raising our little ones and finding new ways to make our home more ours. After years of Julie saying, "we should make that" and Joe being content to buy everything ready-made, we finally decided to try and make something ourselves as a way to spend time together. Our first project (a really cool light up comic book city for our son) was a success. One thing led to another and suddenly Joe wanted to make everything—to get new tools (of course!) and because it was really fun.

When we first started making candles it was another way to spend quality time together as a family. Before long though, our friends and family were requesting new candles and special orders. That’s when Home Again Studios was born.

Now we're taking the joy of making things to new levels as a family of four and constantly looking for new things to create—for your home and ours. The best part? Sharing everything we make with you!