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Home Again Studios ProductsAnd we’re so happy you did!

We want you to fall in love with your home. And we mean really fall in love with it. At Home Again Studios (learn more about us here) we craft home décor items that match every household, and we’re excited to share what we’re up to.

So, what do we have for you? Right now, candles! More specifically, 100% pure, plant- based soy candles, homemade with quality ingredients and all-natural oils.

When we’re home, we always have at least one candle burning in the house. We love how warm they make every room feel and how enjoyable each scent is. We also love it when our customers call us to share just how much they love our fragrances! We craft our candles in four different sizes to fit every room and every budget.

Up next? Concrete. Shortly after our candles took off, we found ourselves in the concrete aisle of our local big box store and thought: we should make something out of concrete. One 80lb bag—and a pulled back!—later, we began pouring concrete into, onto and around a number of things. We’re excited to share that some of our favorite concrete décor items are coming soon. Unique concrete planters, candles and even cool napkin holders (maybe the first time those words have been used in the same sentence...) are all coming in the near future. In the meantime, we’re continuing to explore different ideas and perfect different techniques.

Take a look around to discover our candles and follow us on social media to stay close to our new scents and what products we’re working on. We love to create things and can’t wait to share even more with you. Our mission is to help you pause and enjoy your home, and we’re excited to craft home pieces that will make it a bit more exciting to be Home Again.

Lastly, enjoy! We love filling our home with things that make us happy, and it’s really exciting to us when we can help you do the same. Share your home and ideas with us on Instagram and Facebook, or get in touch directly.

We can’t wait to hear from you.