Limited Edition Candle Fragrances

We love creating and testing so many great smelling candles. Unfortunately we don't always agree on what the perfect scent is - sometimes Julie likes them, and sometimes Joe likes them (hard to believe we don't always agree on what's best!)

In order to help solve this problem, we are going to start bringing you Limited Edition Candle Fragrances! Favorites from Julie, Joe, and even some close friends and family - as always from home to yours!

We're planning one limited edition fragrance each month. When it is ready, you'll receive an email with all of the details. We will be making a limited number of each candle, so when they are gone, they're gone! But, you're feedback will help settle the dispute between Joe & Julie and and will determine if the fragrance comes back again...more permanently!

With love from our home to yours;
Joe & Julie

"We make it in our home so that you can enjoy it in yours."